Julian Fell

Post Nomad

Today is a landmark day for me. I am finishing my remote job and beginning the transition to a non-nomadic life. In the last 18 months I have been to four continents, learnt a second language and met more people than I could begin to count.

I have perhaps learnt more about myself and what I truly value than I have about the places I’ve visited. After such an extended period of “finding myself”, I sometimes verge on feeling guilty that I’ve had such an opportunity to focus on personal growth. After spending some time in countries with less stability or prosperity, the struggles you often see (or don’t see) on the news become more human and, in a sense, more mundane as well. If I take nothing else positive from all this, I hope I can maintain a wider perspective and be more atuned to the things happening outside my bubble.

After such an experience, rich with freedom but also with stretches of loneliness, I feel ready to head home and build a life in one place. Ready to settle in my home city without temptation lingering about the other places I could be. Ready for a new challenge, to be consumed by it even. Ready to confront and not be calcified by the immense challenges that our generation faces, both social and environmental. Ready to strengthen old friendships and forge new ones. Ready to find my home again.