Julian Fell

What's next

I have been asking myself recently whether I still have a passion for software development and it’s a hard question to answer. In some respects I love it. I’m deeply fascinated with complex software systems and the social processes that we build around the creation of them. On the other hand, I have been becoming increasingly cogniscent of the inequality in our world and with that has come a sense that I need to be using my privilege and education to make a difference.

I know I won’t change the world in an outsized way. Human societies have been unequal since the dawn of time and still today politics are undermined by corruption and self-interest. I don’t have the charisma or background to be a force for change in the political arena so I need to accept that social change in a wealthy, comfortable society will be slow.

With this acceptance comes a need to reframe my personal goals for finding purpose in my career. There is a balance to be found here which is difficult to quantify as every potential job has a different mix of problem space, culture, team size and diversity. Unfortunately, there are other factors conspiring to make this equation more complicated.

In the current state of our capitalist system, negative externalities like inequality and climate pollution are not penalised sufficiently. These perverse incentives skew the captial and resouces in our society towards problematic, unsustainable industries. This means that you seriously limit your opportunities for finding the right team to join when you exclusively consider jobs at business that you consider ethical.